Parkside Hardwood Sawmills

Parkside consists of 3 Green Hardwood sawmills and 1 Dry Sawmill. Parkside has owned sawmills for over 65 years, and throughout this time have constantly developed their mills to becoming some of Australia's premier sawmills. Below there are a number of videos demonstrating the technology, quality of products and pride Parkside takes in sawmilling Hardwood timber products in Australia. 

Parkside Wandoan Green Mill

Parkside Wandoan Green Mill is a Hardwood Green Mill based 5 hours west of Brisbane. This automated and modern operation focuses on turning Sawlog into timber boards for further production at our Wondai Dry mill. The linked video shows the overall magnitude of the mill and its automation in action. 

Parkside Wondai Green Mill

Parkside Wondai Green Mill is a recently upgrade and now state of the art Green Mill. The technology utilised in this mill is rarely seen in Hardwood green sawmill. This mill focusing on cutting to order customer Green Off Sawn timber orders and Dry Mill feedstock material. Check out the video to see the technology in action. 

Wondai Dry Mill

Parkside is proud of its word class Hardwood Dry Mill facility. Wondai Dry Mill is the corner stone to the Parkside Sawmilling operations. The Wondai Dry Mill produces Hardwood Decking, Flooring, Cladding, F27 and decorative timber to suit most applications. The quality of product produced from this mill is second to none in the marketplace. See the video to understand more about the Hardwood Mill.