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Parkside have been offering the ideal products for Home Owners for nearly 100 years. Timber is a natural and living organism which creates some of the most beautiful and unique building products for domestic applications.

In fact partnering institutions believes wood offers such beauty that, “it engages all of our senses - warm, rich and affecting, its surface has a tactile and sensuous strength, while the range of timber hues and the depth of individual grain delights the eye.”

While home owners have told us our product Parkside Hardwoods “create a classic feel, one with unique beauty and unique richness. Something I never had when in my old house that didn’t have a spotted gum floor.”

Below we have attached a number of the key links home owners have asked for and used in the past. If you require any additional support material please feel free to email us or call us and we will be sure to assist you.

References - Wood Solutions Design and Build - Asthetic Appeal - Michael Lloyd, Home Owner

Home Owner LinksParkside Timber Product Catalogue - download latest edition

Home Owner LinksParkside Brochure Catalogue - download latest edition


Home Owner LinksFlooring Installation Guide

Home Owner LinksFlooring Brochure - for tongue and groove flooring


Home Owner LinksDecking Brochure

Home Owner LinksDecking Installation Guide (Tech Data Sheet)


Home Owner LinksChain of Custody Certification - See Corporate Sustainability
Home Owner LinksThe Facts - Forest Certification Schemes
Home Owner LinksGuide to Assessment and Repair of Flood Damaged Timber and Timber Framed Houses
Home Owner LinksTimber Queensland Privacy Statement
Home Owner LinksContact Us for Nearby Stockists
Home Owner LinksParkside Cladding Installation Guide



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