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Chain of Custody (CoC)

Parkside is a company who are proud be known as a sustainably managed organisation. The Hardwood timber resource used by Parkside to create such beautiful products, is primarily sourced from Government sustainably managed forest, while a small percentage of their resource is received from private log sellers who ensure the resource is legally managed.

At Parkside we also pride ourselves on ensuring our resource has a third party accreditation for chain of custody of resource. This Chain of Custody Certification (CoC) means the resource we use is only sourced from legal means, and ensures Parkside have a commitment to:

  • Planning and monitoring of sustainability of log resource
  • Adherence to all laws associated with the land of the resource
  • Considerations of the indigenous, community and the workers rights, beliefs and values
  • Ensuring protection of environmental and ecological values
  • Assurance of ongoing forest yields and sustainability

The Queensland and Federal Government have both supported the use of timber in building applications through the incentive program for timber organisations to gain CoC accreditation. Along with the internationally recognised third party accreditation, this support from the Australian Government proves Parkside meet both the Federal and International requires for timber sustainability.

An Environmentally Friendly Product

For decades different advocate groups have debated the legality and sustainability of the use of timber products.

Did you know that Queensland Hardwoods are amongst the most environmentally friendly building products? Along with Parkside having CoC for their resource, timber is a naturally carbon positive product due to its ability to store carbon both during its growth phase, and even when it is processed into a building product.

Statistics show that in 2005, Australia’s overall green emissions were reduced by 10% due to the quantity of carbon stored by timber plantations and products within that year. If you’d like more information on this statistic or why timber is such an environmentally friendly building product please take this link, a fellow partner in advocating timber building applications.

You can click here to view our Chain of Custody Certificate or click on the EWPAA icon below.

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